zombie_moogle: (dance party)
2020-11-19 09:58 pm
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Friends Only

This used to be a much more public journal, but due to various reasons is now Friends Only.

1) Ask before you add me. I don't do courtesy friendbacks.

2) If you never comment, expect that your journal will be cut from my list eventually. (Knowing me in person does not make you exempt from this.) It's nothing personal, but I don't want lurkers.

3) Your kink is not my kink. Expect me to be pretty vanilla when it comes to that sort of thing. I don't expect you to share my feelings, but please be capable of discussing other subjects.

4) This is a no-drama zone. You don't have to agree with everything I say, but no flame-wars here. This goes double for RP-related drama; I'll happily ban anyone who starts or participates.

If this sounds a little too much for you...well, realize that I'm a fairly boring person and you're not missing much anyway.